Able to Bridge brings over 40 years worth of experience in both the construction and finance industry to the table. Their personnel have been responsible for a large number of major construction projects, going from new build developments through to conversion of listed properties in conversation areas. They have vast experience in construction management and project management on projects throughout the UK.

This gives Able an extra insight into the world of project / development financing as they have  worked with almost every finance company in the market place and have been responsible for raising millions of pounds of borrowing from both major and bespoke, boutique lenders for construction projects. Able to Bridge management are very well known and respected in both the construction and finance industry. Lenders feel happy to liaise with Able to Bridge due to their knowledge and experience in pricing the build costs of projects and managing the staged releases of finance gives the comfort that they require.

Able to Bridge have a very personal, bespoke way of looking at all projects and always strive to make sure that clients, so  whether they are raising finance for their own project or tasking Able to Bridge to manage for them, they will feel comfortable knowing that their requests are dealt with personally and professionally.